Getting at the Root of Ayahuasca’s Therapeutic Potential

Laughter is the reaction I often face when I tell people that my research demonstrates that MDMA enhances empathy and that ayahuasca improves creativity....

Can Drinking Ayahuasca Really Change Your Life?

The ayahuasca world can promise big things: curing illness, healing trauma, and personal contact with spirits and divine beings. But what can you really expect,...
ayahuasca mental health

How the Amazonian Tea Ayahuasca Affects Mental Health

More and more people from around the globe are turning to ayahuasca, the Amazonian psychoactive tea, as a form of mental health treatment. Some...
Ayahuasca Therapy

The Therapeutic Potential of Ayahuasca

The core therapeutic issue for most of us is that we yearn to be loved and accepted for who we are. Ideally, this need...
Ayahuasca brain cells

What Happens to Your Brain Cells After They Meet Ayahuasca?

Anyone who ever drank ayahuasca, or read something about it, knows that it affects visual perception, consciousness, and memory. But have you ever thought...
DMT Experience

The DMT Experience, The Human Brain & The Science of Consciousness

  The incredible states of consciousness that emerge when people consume the psychedelic molecule DMT are characterized by a multiplicity of features. DMT is able...
Ayahuasca Addiction Therapy

Is Ayahuasca an Effective Therapeutic Tool for Addiction Treatment?

Addictions have become one of the most critical health issues of modern society, costing many lives and affecting countless individuals and families. We have...
psychedelic hallucinations

Are Psychedelic Hallucinations Actually Metaphorical Perceptions?

Psychiatrists usually define hallucination as a sensory experience that appears to be real, but is not produced by any actual object of the environment....
Ibogaine treatment

The Benefits, Risks & Potential of Mainstreaming Ibogaine Psychedelic Treatment

The first report that ibogaine could reduce opioid withdrawal symptoms and opioid craving dates back to the early 1960s. Since then, there has been...
Ibogaine healing

How the Psychedelic Ibogaine May Heal, Repair & Protect the Brain

Ibogaine is a potent psychedelic substance found mainly in the root bark of the shrub Tabernanthe iboga, native of the Congo and Gabon, as...


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