What We Do

The Chacruna Institute of Psychedelic Plant Medicines, an organization founded by Brazilian anthropologist Dr. Bia Labate, produces high-quality research on plant medicines and psychedelics, and helps propagate academic knowledge in more accessible formats. We educate the public and create cultural understanding and legitimacy regarding these substances so that they may cease to be stigmatized and outlawed. Chacruna also promotes a bridge between the world of plant medicines and the emergent field of psychedelic science, between “traditional ceremonial use” and clinical and therapeutic settings, bringing the knowledge and perspectives of the social sciences to health care professionals and practitioners of psychedelic-assisted therapy. Finally, we foster cultural and political reflections on the field of psychedelic science and facilitate conversations about controversial topics that have been simmering on the sidelines as psychedelics go mainstream.

Our Programs:

Chacruna uses a multi-faceted approach to achieve our mission, including:

(1) publication of original academic research
(2) curation of a popular specialized website with sections on culture,
policy, sex & power, queer, inclusion & diversity, music, integration, sciencespirituality, and news;
(3) organization of conferences and events on shamanism, ritual, religion, the therapeutic potential of plant medicines, drug policy, gender, and the politics of psychedelic science.
(4) community support related to the unethical behavior of plant medicine and psychedelics practitioners; 
(5) documentation, education, and advocacy on the legality of sacred plants, as well as consultation in 
legal cases
(6) hosting a psychedelic therapy music forum for psychedelic therapists and researchers;
(7) promote access, inclusion, and diversity by promoting the voices of womenqueer peopleindigenous peoples, people of color, and the global South in the field of psychedelic science.

Our Set Up: 

Our organization is based in Northern California and we maintain strong ties to Brazil and Mexico. We are in the process of forming a non-profit organization. MAPS is currently our fiscal sponsor. We accept donations and are open to volunteers.