The Racial Equity and Access Committee is a branch of the Chacruna Institute for Psychedelic Plant Medicines that endeavors to ensure that traditionally marginalized racial, ethnic, and indigenous communities have access to these healing medicines and are actively included in the field of psychedelic studies at all levels. This consortium of researchers, advocates, and activists aims to center social justice-related values in the field of psychedelic studies, broadly defined; give visibility to indigenous people’s legacies and knowledge around psychedelic plant medicines; promote the presence of people of color in the field (in conferences, events, documentaries, media interviews etc); hold the field accountable for the inclusion of diverse people in research studies, treatment trials, and policy initiatives; increase access to and availability of psychedelics in diverse communities; raise awareness of the benefits of psychedelics in diverse communities; advise providers on culturally-responsive uses of psychedelics and collaborate with researchers to design protocols that are inclusive and culturally-responsive.

Chacruna’s Inclusion, Diversity and Psychedelics Call for Articles

Chacruna’s Inclusion, Diversity and Psychedelics series addresses historic and contemporary challenges to access and inclusion in the psychedelic community, leadership, and research. In this series we explore individual, structural, and sociocultural factors that act as barriers to full inclusion, identify strategies to transform the field, and highlight calls to action for ensuring equity, dismantling oppression, and creating sustained systemic change. The series features research summaries, reflections, and strategies for increasing the inclusion of diverse people at all levels of the psychedelic revolution. The series seeks submission for original articles related to this topic. 

For more information, and submissions write to Cristie Strongman


To read the articles of this series, click here.

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