Jane Osmond, wife of Humphry Osmond

Jane Osmond: The Wonder of Weyburn

Married to Humphry Osmond, Jane Osmond developed networks of care and friendship that supported the development of psychedelic science.
Betty Eisner

Betty Eisner: Heroine with a Hitch?

Betty Eisner was a major force in the psychedelic revolution, but her career was also defined by notable professional transgressions.
A white man, Timothy Leary, is looking up and smiling. There is a black mark over his eyes and the background is yellow with mushrooms.

Gurus Behaving Badly: Anaïs Nin’s Diary & the Value of Gossip

Anaïs Nin wrote about Timothy Leary in her diary. She didn't like him. But what does this have to do with expertise and American politics?
Scenes from the "Better Living Through Chemistry" documentary

Better Living Through Chemistry

Connie Littlefield discusses her new documentary, "Better Living Through Chemistry," about psychedelic pioneers Alexander "Sasha" & Ann Shulgin.

Celebrating 25 Weeks of ‘Women in the History of Psychedelic Plant...

Look back on the first 25 weeks of our "Women in the History of Psychedelic Plant Medicines" series and learn how to become a contributor to the series.
Two lobsters representing Beauvoir and Sartre and their mescaline experiments

Mescaline Scribe

Simone de Beauvoir read and edited everything Jean-Paul Sartre published, and wrote a valuable account of his mescaline encounter.
Marlene Dobkin de Rios

Marlene Dobkin de Rios: A Case for Complex Histories of Women...

Ayahuasca’s place in mestizo and Indigenous Peruvian healing practices featured extensively in Marlene Dobkin de Rios’ work as a medical anthropologist and transcultural psychotherapist.
Florence Nichols

“A ‘Dose’ of Radical Christianity”: Psychedelic Therapy with Dr. Florence Nichols

Florence Nichols was a Canadian missionary and pioneer of psychedelic therapy, using LSD to treat mental illness on three different continents.
Ergot in Canada

Ergot in Canada: A Lost Tradition?

In the second half of the 20th century, farmers on the Canadian prairies produced ergot (Claviceps purpurea) for use in the pharmacological industry. But...
A uterus with plants growing amongst it representing medicinal abortion in Mexican history

Medicinal Abortions in Mexican History: Botanical Knowledge Retained

You might assume that medicinal contraceptives are recent products of modern western science. In fact, Indigenous healers and midwives in the Americas used botanical...