psychedelic sixties

Coming of Age in the Psychedelic Sixties

What was it like to come of age during the psychedelic sixties? Yvonne Negrin recounts her journey from upstate New York to San Francisco.
Ayahuasca and childbirth in the Santo Daime religion

Ayahuasca and Childbirth in the Santo Daime Tradition: Solidarity Among Women...

The use of ayahuasca during childbirth by women can be seen as an act of resistance against colonial and patriarchal violence.
Salvador Roquet, Maria Sabina, etc.

“It is not an orthodox psychotherapy”: An Interview with Ivonne Roquet,...

Ivonne Roquet, daughter of psychedelic pioneer Salvador Roquet, reflects on her father's career in psychotherapy.
urban ayahuasca

Women Who Heal: Musicians in the Urban Ayahuasca Scene

Raizza Marins examines what role women musicians and the sacred feminine play in the burgeoning urban ayahuasca scene in Brazil.
Yaminawa Women

Yaminawa Women and Ayahuasca: Shamanism, Gender, and History in the Peruvian...

There is evidence that suggests that before colonial contact, Yaminawa women practiced shamanism and consumed ayahuasca.

Madrinha Rita: Brazilian matriarch of ayahuasca

This article highlights the story of Madrinha (Godmother) Rita Gregório, a woman who has made a great difference in the religious use of ayahuasca in Brazil and in the expansion of its consumption outside the Santo Daime religion.
Mercedes de la Garza

Dream and Ecstasy in Mesoamerican Worldview: An Interview with Mercedes de...

Mercedes de la Garza is a recognized researcher on shamanism & the ritual uses of plants and mushrooms with psychoactive properties.

Treasures of the Forest: Jarawara Women and Plants They Carry

The care taken with the tobacco plants by Jarawara women is impressive, and it extends throughout the entire process of making sinã.
Esther Jean Langdon researches shamanism and ayahuasca

Esther Jean Langdon: Half a Century of Research About Shamanism and...

In her writings, Esther Jean Langdon proposes to approach shamanism as a cosmological system.
Psychedelic Future Site

Preparing Ourselves for the Psychedelic Future with Berra Yazar-Klosinski

Berra Yazar-Klosinski, Chief Science Officer at the MAPS Public Benefit Corporation, reflects on her journey into psychedelic science.