Ibogaine healing

How the Psychedelic Ibogaine May Heal, Repair & Protect the Brain

Ibogaine is a potent psychedelic substance found mainly in the root bark of the shrub Tabernanthe iboga, native of the Congo and Gabon, as...
Psychedelic psychiatry

Is Psychiatry Ready for the Psychedelic Healing Paradigm?

How can the use of psychedelic and sacred plants help alleviate human suffering? What are the barriers to such “plant medicines,” like ayahuasca, becoming...
ibogaine ayahuasca treatment

What I Learned Treating 400+ Patients with Ibogaine and Ayahuasca

Since the middle of the 90s, there has been a renewed interest in the possible positive effects of many different plants and substances such...
ayahuasca effects brain

Ayahuasca in the Age of Neuroscience

Ayahuasca ceremonies have been recognized as both religious and therapeutic experiences by their practitioners for millennia. Today, research with this extraordinary visionary brew from...
Cannabis CBD psychiatrist researcher

Why I Became a Cannabis Researcher

CBD (cannabidiol) oil cures depression. CBD can treat schizophrenia. Everyone sleeps better on CBD.  CBD oil really seems to help reduce anxiety. I do...
Salvador Roquet psychedelic therapist

Salvador Roquet Remembered: An Innovative Psychedelic Therapist in 1960s Mexico

Dr. Salvador Roquet was a Mexican pioneer in psychedelic psychotherapy. He began his medical career in the field of public health and later became...


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