psychedelics and death, a black hand reaches upward toward the release of death.

Psychedelics and Death: Transitioning from this World with Consciousness

Death midwifery paired with psychedelics offers a way to shift the dialogue around death and begin to speak about it more openly and honestly.
psychedelic motherhood

Psychedelic Motherhood: The Altered States of Birth

Psychedelic motherhood employs the lessons learned from psychedelic altered states to navigate the transition to parenthood.
Amy and Kiyoshi Izumi found friendship in the Canadian psychedelic community

The Izumis & Osmonds: Friendship & Resilience in the Canadian Psychedelic...

Kiyoshi and Amy Izumi found friendship and shared resiliency in Jane and Humphry Osmond as part of the psychedelic community.
Women in Psychedelic Trials

Mrs. So-and-So, Women’s Participation in Psychedelic Trials

Finding evidence of women's experiences in early psychedelic trials is challenging, but not impossible.
Yorkville, Toronto, Canada's Haight-Ashbury

Hippie Girls in Yorkville: Canada’s Haight-Ashbury

Yorkville, Toronto brought its own Canadian twist on being hip in the age of countercultural radicalism, sexual revolutions, and drug experimentation.
Susi Ramstein rode a tram during her first LSD trip. This tram breaking through a psychedelic image represents this moment.

Susi’s Tram Ride: Recognizing the First Woman to Take LSD

Susi Ramstein was the first woman to take LSD and the first psychedelic guide, yet very little is known about her experiences.
An archival file cabinet with some drawers open represented in psychedelic colours.

Spotlight on Betsy Gordon and the Psychoactive Substances Research Collection

Not one for the limelight, Betsy Gordon has worked behind the scenes of psychedelic psychiatry by preserving psychedelic research.
Maria Sabina, Wasson, and Colonialism

María Sabina, Mushrooms, and Colonial Extractivism

While Robert Gordon Wasson obtained fame, María Sabina lived with the stigma of "revealing" the secrets of the mushrooms to an outsider.

How MDMA, Octopuses, and Gül Dölen Reopen Minds

Johns Hopkins neuroscientist is ushering in a "critical period" in psychedelic research. But will anyone hear what Gül Dölen has to say?
Anaïs Nin psychedelic experience

Anaïs Nin and the Vocabulary of the Psychedelic Experience

Anaïs Nin was critical of the Western psychedelic experience and its reliance on the appropriation of Indo-Tibetan culture and language.