We are sharing here a message from our friends in Decriminalize Nature Oakland:

“We need your support! Our friends in Oakland are working with Councilmember Gallo’s office to pass a resolution supporting entheogenic plant practices and decriminalizing adult use of these plants and fungi (mushrooms, ibogaine, ayahuasca, and cacti).

Please plan on attending the Public Safety Committee Hearing of the Oakland City Council on Tuesday May 28 at 6 PM at 1 Frank Ogawa Plaza, 3rd floor council chambers. (See here; click on the “view report” tab for more details).

If you’re unable to attend, please send an email in support to the offices of Councilmembers Loren Taylor ([email protected]), Council President Rebecca Kaplan ([email protected]); Councilmember Noel Gallo ([email protected]); and Councilmember Bas ([email protected]).

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Your message should come with a relevant subject line, and have, at the most, 500 words, and a short description of any or all of the following:

– Express who you are and why this topic interests you
– Speak about your own personal beneficial experiences with the plants or fungi included in the resolution, or those of your loved ones
– Speak about your own understanding of the scientifically based benefits
– Speak about your own understanding of the traditional uses around the world that you are familiar with or respect, as the DNO (Decriminalize Nature Oakland) movement is also about respecting a community’s right to their own traditional uses.
– Speak about your hopes for the benefits from these plants and fungi for the disenfranchised communities of America 

Whether you attend the hearing or send an email, express your personal reasons for supporting this resolution. The council is interested in hearing about issues of equitable access, the science behind the healing and therapeutic uses, the tradition of use, and the efforts to create responsible practices accessible to all.

This effort is truly unique because it is being led by citizens working to ensure equitable access to all people, especially for traumatized and disenfranchised communities. As these initiatives gain momentum throughout the US, we need to have discussions about whether access should be restricted to medical clinics or rely on strong regulatory processes. The Oakland community, one of the most diverse in the US, is taking a stand to ensure that anyone, regardless of income level, gender, ethnicity, influence or power, can have the access they desire, along with a commitment to responsible practices. Please join us in this journey!”

Chacruna’s Council for the Protection of Sacred Plants supports the Decriminalization Oakland Initiative.

For more information: https://www.decriminalizenature.org

See also here and here.

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