legal ayahuasca ceremony

7 Best Practices for Ayahuasca Legal Harm Reduction

We are at a unique juncture in the emergence of ayahuasca into global culture. It seems its use is growing, especially throughout the USA,...
legal ayahuasca

How Our Santo Daime Church Received Religious Exemption to Use Ayahuasca...

The Journey In June 2017, after 17 years of working with the Canadian government, the Santo Daime Church, Céu do Montréal, Eclectic Center of the...
set and setting

Beyond Set and Setting: A New Understanding of Psychedelics & Healing

The concept of “set and setting” has been a guiding principle of psychedelic researchers, therapists, and explorers since it was first outlined by Timothy...
ayahuasca moral panic

Ayahuasca Propaganda and Society’s Addiction to Moral Panic

Public opinion matters; and, when it comes to mind-altering substances such as the Amazonian shamanic brew ayahuasca, moral panic matters. The “drugs” that act...
Psychedelic Legalization

What Psychedelic Researchers and Activists Can Learn from Medical Marijuana Legalization

Almost 200 million Americans live in states where medical marijuana is legally available; 60 million live in states where all prohibitions on adult use...
Plant Medicines

Why Doctors Give You Pills and Not Ancient Plant Remedies

Since the therapeutic use of sacred plants and fungi began to be accepted by Western medicine, a tug of war has been taking place...
kratom legal

Understanding the Kratom Ban Controversy

Face-eating zombies, bulletproof criminals, and rampant death of all involved. These seem to be among the most common media stories floated around when discussing...
Ibogaine Treatment

Is Ibogaine Treatment in Brazil Finally Stepping Out From the Underground?

Ibogaine, like other psychedelics, such as MDMA, ayahuasca, and psilocybin, has been shown to have important medicinal values. It is extracted from an African...


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