The Psychedelic Therapy Music Forum is an initiative of the Chacruna Institute for Psychedelic Plant Medicines that explores the role of music in the context of psychedelic psychotherapy. Music has consistently been a crucial element in traditional psychedelic practices and more recently in research settings and yet little is known about how it works and why it is so important to the success of psychedelic work. The Forum exists to explore this neglected area of the psychedelic experience. It features regularly posted social sciences articles about the use of music in psychotherapy research, ritual and religious contexts, as well as playlists designed by therapists and musicians, interviews with practitioners and researchers, explorations of audio technology, and covers developments in the field of psychedelic music therapy in general.

Chacruna’s Music and Psychedelics Series Call for Articles & Musical Playlists

The Music Forum encourages the submission of original articles dealing with the use of music in psychedelic work. Articles should be no longer than 1800 words, have academic rigor, journalistic flair, and minimal footnotes and references (in APA style). The Forum also encourages the submission of musical playlists for psychedelic therapy from researchers, practitioners and musicians with experience using music and psychedelics together. Playlists must be made with knowledge of the various phases of psychedelic work with music, originally laid out by Helen Bonny and Walter Pahnke. They also need to have a sense of timing and duration specific to the intended medicine. Playlists should be emotionally powerful, thoughtfully put together and contain no lyrics in English. Articles will be published in the Music Forum at, and playlists will be published on the Chacruna Institute’s Spotify channel. Both articles and playlists will be selected and carefully reviewed. 

For more information, and submissions write to River Baldwin at:  <[email protected]>

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