Temple of the way of light

How Indigenous Youths in Peru are Being Initiated in Western Ayahuasca...

As the evening fell dark, I saw 4 young indigenous students enter the round maloka ceremony space at the Temple of the Way of...
ayahuasca moral panic

Ayahuasca Propaganda and Society’s Addiction to Moral Panic

Public opinion matters; and, when it comes to mind-altering substances such as the Amazonian shamanic brew ayahuasca, moral panic matters. The “drugs” that act...
Ayahuasca embrace serpent

Ayahuasca and the Gift of Seeing Through Serpent Eyes

One of the more spectacular cinematic productions this year is the film Embrace of the Serpent, directed by Colombian filmmaker Ciro Guerra. Nominated for...
Cannabis CBD psychiatrist researcher

Why I Became a Cannabis Researcher

CBD (cannabidiol) oil cures depression. CBD can treat schizophrenia. Everyone sleeps better on CBD.  CBD oil really seems to help reduce anxiety. I do...

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ayahuasca shaman

My Degree Is From The Forest

I believe that the issue of Ayahuasca is, in essence, an issue of human rights:...
ayahuasca moral panic

Ayahuasca Propaganda and Society’s Addiction to Moral Panic

Public opinion matters; and, when it comes to mind-altering substances such as the Amazonian shamanic...
Psychedelic Mushrooms

The Magic World of Psychedelic Mushrooms

Are psychedelic mushrooms growing in your garden right now? If you live somewhere damp and...
Peyote Medicine

Peyote: Plant Medicine for the Body, Mind and Soul

Peyote (Lophophora williamsii) is a small, spineless, mind-altering cactus that, for centuries, has been terribly...
Peyote Culture

Psychedelic Lizard Kings and the Other: Culture, Race and the Frontiers of Peyote

There is a scene in Oliver Stone’s 1991 film, The Doors, where the rock quartet...


Ayahuasca Spirit

Cultivating the Mind, Body & Spirit with Ayahuasca

This article is the second in a series on the psychology of ayahuasca. Click here...
ayahuasca integration

Taking Charge of Your Ayahuasca Integration

Integration is a hot topic among ayahuasca circles, and for good reason. Integration can involve...
Cannabis Spirituality

Who Is Cannabis?

Homo sapiens, and all the Homo species that preceded us, or cohabited with us for...
Ayahuasca Healing

Deep Ayahuasca Healing and the Truth of Who You Are

“I hadn't seen my brother in person for almost seven years,” Celine wrote, recounting her...
Psychedelic ayahuasca DNA

A Story of Visionary Ayahuasca Healing, DNA and Epigenetics

I am a Colombian-American family physician raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Throughout my career, I have...


ayahuasca ego

The Effects of Ayahuasca on the Ego

Ayahuasca is a medicine that has the power, in some people, to heal trauma, to...
Ayahuasca Therapy

The Therapeutic Potential of Ayahuasca

The core therapeutic issue for most of us is that we yearn to be loved...
Ayahuasca brain cells

What Happens to Your Brain Cells After They Meet Ayahuasca?

Anyone who ever drank ayahuasca, or read something about it, knows that it affects visual...
DMT Experience

The DMT Experience, The Human Brain & The Science of Consciousness

  The incredible states of consciousness that emerge when people consume the psychedelic molecule DMT are...
Psychedelic Legalization

What Psychedelic Researchers and Activists Can Learn from Medical Marijuana Legalization

Almost 200 million Americans live in states where medical marijuana is legally available; 60 million...

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