Ayahuasca Addiction Therapy

Is Ayahuasca an Effective Therapeutic Tool for Addiction Treatment?

Addictions have become one of the most critical health issues of modern society, costing many lives and affecting countless individuals and families. We have...
Salvador Roquet psychedelic therapist

Salvador Roquet Remembered: An Innovative Psychedelic Therapist in 1960s Mexico

Dr. Salvador Roquet was a Mexican pioneer in psychedelic psychotherapy. He began his medical career in the field of public health and later became...
shamanic healing

Ubulawu: There is More to Shamanic Healing Than Psychedelic Visions

Imagine this story appearing in the news headlines in the near future: “Once, not too long ago, psychoactive substances were seen as a threat to...
Ayahuasca Experience

Meet 3 Westerners Who Have Drunk Ayahuasca 200+ Times

During 2012 to 2014, I had the great fortune of attending ayahuasca ceremonies and spending much time with ayahuasca drinkers in Australia for my PhD...

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Drinking Yagé to Resist Capitalist Violence

Ethnic groups in southern Colombia, such as the Siona, are using yagé (a local name...

Racism and the discrimination against Cannabis by Ayahuasca Users in Brazil

  Foreigners, and even Brazilians, often feel confused by the fierce accusations leveled by the members...
psychedelic burning man

How I Completed My Childhood at Burning Man with Psychedelic Mushrooms

My first visit to Burning Man was at the request of Rick Doblin, founder and...
shamanic healing

Ubulawu: There is More to Shamanic Healing Than Psychedelic Visions

Imagine this story appearing in the news headlines in the near future: “Once, not too long...
traditional ayahuasca ceremony

Why You Will Never Get a Traditional Ayahuasca Treatment

Have you ever thought of visiting an ayahuasca lodge in Iquitos to experience a “traditional”...


Ayahuasca Spirit

Cultivating the Mind, Body & Spirit with Ayahuasca

This article is the second in a series on the psychology of ayahuasca. Click here...
ayahuasca integration

Taking Charge of Your Ayahuasca Integration

Integration is a hot topic among ayahuasca circles, and for good reason. Integration can involve...
Cannabis Spirituality

Who Is Cannabis?

Homo sapiens, and all the Homo species that preceded us, or cohabited with us for...
Ayahuasca Healing

Deep Ayahuasca Healing and the Truth of Who You Are

“I hadn't seen my brother in person for almost seven years,” Celine wrote, recounting her...
Psychedelic ayahuasca DNA

A Story of Visionary Ayahuasca Healing, DNA and Epigenetics

I am a Colombian-American family physician raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Throughout my career, I have...


psychedelic science

How Psychedelic Science Privileges Some, Neglects Others, and Limits Us All

Promises of psychedelic science include the opportunity to transform consciousness itself, to creatively generate new...
ayahuasca mental health

How the Amazonian Tea Ayahuasca Affects Mental Health

More and more people from around the globe are turning to ayahuasca, the Amazonian psychoactive...
set and setting

Beyond Set and Setting: A New Understanding of Psychedelics & Healing

The concept of “set and setting” has been a guiding principle of psychedelic researchers, therapists,...
ayahuasca ego

The Effects of Ayahuasca on the Ego

Ayahuasca is a medicine that has the power, in some people, to heal trauma, to...
Ayahuasca Therapy

The Therapeutic Potential of Ayahuasca

The core therapeutic issue for most of us is that we yearn to be loved...

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