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We are a private non-profit foundation. Our mission is to connect, inspire, and support students who study the epidemiology, phenomenology, and the environmental, cultural and clinical contexts of psychedelic use, and to develop a virtual collaboratory of students, scientists, and community members who are passionate about psychedelic science.

Our primary aim is to provide grants, up to $10,000 total awarded per year, to students enrolled in colleges/universities in the United States. Awards must be used for direct costs of research being conducted as part of an academic degree program.

A portion of the award must be designated to help offset travel costs to present findings at a scientific meeting/conference. Ideally, this would facilitate an in-person connection with a Board member in attendance.

Individual awards are not renewable, but applicants may apply for awards more than once and there is no limit to the number of individual awards that an applicant may be awarded during the course of his or her training.

Those who identify as a member of a diverse sexual, ethnic, racial, gender, religious, or sexual orientation group are especially encouraged to apply.

Studies that are designed to address our understanding of ways in which the experience of diversity informs psychedelic science are highly encouraged.

Applications due: June 1st Award notification date: September 1st

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