Join us at the Psychedelic Liberty Summit as we bring together thought-leaders from across the globe to discuss the future of psychedelic liberty:

Presented by: Chacruna 

Sponsored by MAPS and McAllister Garfield, P.C.

  • Focus on the intersection of psychedelics, legality, and policy.
  • Unite more than 30 community partners from all over the world.
  • Strengthen global ties between activists, researchers, community leaders, and lawyers.
  • Address peyote conservation, by calling attention to the urgent need for ethical and sustainable sourcing for vulnerable, native psychedelic plants and materials.
  • Strengthen a national alliance between local decriminalization initiatives and clinical trials. 
  • Promote dialogue between traditional populations and scientists.
  • Critical reflections on important issues:
    • Commodification of psychedelics and the emergence of psychedelic corporations. 
    • Political, ethical, and cultural implications of transforming substances like ayahuasca into pharmaceutical medicines.
    • Which substances should be decriminalized and how decriminalized should they be?
    • Lessons from the cannabis industry that psychedelic advocates should be aware of.
    • Accessibility of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for posttraumatic stress disorder and psilocybin for depression for underrepresented groups. 
    • Visibility of people of color, especially indiginous and minority populations, within the psychedelic movement. 
    • Specific cultural traumas faced by people of color in relation to healing with psychedelics. 
    • Ethical, legal, and cultural paradoxes involved in the globalization of the use of traditional plant medicines including as ayahuasca and peyote.

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