Psychedelic Plant Medicines

Meet The Pioneers of Psychedelic Plant Medicine Research

I am excited to invite you all to come join us at Psychedelic Science 2017, a conference co-hosted by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic...
ayahuasca veterans

When I Drank Ayahuasca With American War Veterans

I grew up as teenager in the ‘80s in Brazil, listening to Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, smoking pot, and, like so many worldwide, distrusting...
ayahuasca culture jeremy narby

Is Ayahuasca an Antidote to Modern Life?

In 1995 I published a book called The Cosmic Serpent that dealt with ayahuasca and other subjects. The enthusiasm of many readers took me...
Terence Mckenna first time DMT

When Terence McKenna First Smoked DMT

When in 1967, aged sixteen, Dennis visited his older brother in Berkeley, California, Terence stated that he knew what the philosopher’s stone was. “It’s...
Ayahuasca embrace serpent

Ayahuasca and the Gift of Seeing Through Serpent Eyes

One of the more spectacular cinematic productions this year is the film Embrace of the Serpent, directed by Colombian filmmaker Ciro Guerra. Nominated for...
Ayahuasca Women Indigenous

Gift of the Spider Woman: Spinning, weaving and womanhood among the...

"Shamans say these geometric designs were obtained from the Sangariite guardian spirits who appear in visions induced by ayahuasca and other plants" The moon is...
Mother Ayahuasca

How Feminine is Ayahuasca?

While doing fieldwork with traditional healers in the Peruvian Amazon, I realized that their way of understanding nature was profoundly embedded within the categories...
Indigenous Ayahuasca

The Indigenous Ayahuasca Universe

What differentiates indigenous ayahuasca use from the universe that has erupted out of it is, in the first place, its indefiniteness. Used across the globe...


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