Why the Psychedelic Community is so White

  The War on Drugs is inherently anti-black. You can’t have a drug war without racism.   Most psychedelic users that I’ve encountered are hesitant to take a stance...

Territory, Roots and Conflict: Epistemic Encounters on Sacred Plants

    On Sunday, February 25, the closing ceremony for the Conference on Sacred Plants in the Americas was celebrated in the Mexican lakeside town of...

We Must Continue Calling the Cannabis Plant “Marijuana”

There are various hypotheses about the roots of the word “marijuana,” but it´s still uncertain what it really means, and when this name appeared...

Cultural Appropriation and Misuse of Ancestral Yagé Medicine

Spirituality and Yagé Territory, culture, self-government, and spirituality: that’s what’s most important for us. The curacas, our men of wisdom or traditional doctors—harmonize relations within the...

Drinking Yagé to Resist Capitalist Violence

Ethnic groups in southern Colombia, such as the Siona, are using yagé (a local name for ayahuasca) to do politics in a context of...

Racism and the discrimination against Cannabis by Ayahuasca Users in Brazil

  Foreigners, and even Brazilians, often feel confused by the fierce accusations leveled by the members of different Brazilian ayahuasca religions against each other. Matters...
traditional ayahuasca ceremony

Why You Will Never Get a Traditional Ayahuasca Treatment

Have you ever thought of visiting an ayahuasca lodge in Iquitos to experience a “traditional” medical treatment? Well, forget about it, because it wouldn’t...
ayahuasca in Europe

Ayahuasca in the Heart of Europe

There is a fire burning in the center of the tipi, surrounded by an altar made from fresh leaves and flowers. About 30 people...
ayahuasca shaman

My Degree Is From The Forest

I believe that the issue of Ayahuasca is, in essence, an issue of human rights: as humans of this earth I believe that we...
Psychedelic Mushrooms

The Magic World of Psychedelic Mushrooms

Are psychedelic mushrooms growing in your garden right now? If you live somewhere damp and fertile, there’s a good chance that an ancient sacrament...


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