A Conversation with Shannon Carlin, Veronika Gold and Genesee Herzberg 


Wednesday, August 11th from 12-1:30pm PST 

As psychedelic-assisted therapy moves closer to legalization and mainstream adoption, several different groups are working hard to train the next generation of psychedelic therapists. In doing so, they are facing many important questions and challenges for how to best train new practitioners to do this work. Without clear criteria and established standards of training, it can be easy for people to cut corners and take advantage of the opportunities this burgeoning industry offers. This can present a challenge for those seeking out training to figure out how to sift through the growing number of options and identify high quality programs. On Wednesday, August 11th, join Shannon Carlin, Veronika Gold and Genesee Herzberg, three leading-edge therapists and trainers who are pioneering this field, to learn how they are helping forge the path to becoming a skilled psychedelic practitioner. They will discuss the qualifications and competencies of a good psychedelic therapist and share about the important areas of the trainings that they lead. They will discuss the history and theory that informs their work, the different approaches psychedelic-assisted therapy can take and the types of skills required. They will also share about the specific practice of their trainings, how they handle supervision and consultation, and how they address the question of the value of first-hand psychedelic experience for the practitioners themselves. Finally, they will look at the critical issue of diversity and inclusion, and what can be done to help make this life-changing therapy accessible to the groups often most in need of powerful healing.

Shannon Carlin, M.A., LMFT, is the Director and Head of Training and Supervision at MAPS Public Benefit Corporation and has worked with MAPS since 2011. Shannon oversees international programs providing training and supervision to prepare practitioners to deliver MDMA-assisted therapy in approved clinical settings. Shannon has served as a co-therapist on MDMA-assisted therapy clinical trials. Her direct clinical work continues to inform the training programs she oversees. Before joining MAPS Shannon worked in community programs engaging youth and families in low-income residential settings, high school students learning about moderation management, and adults with schizophrenia, bipolar, and substance use disorder. She completed a farm internship with the Homeless Garden Project.  Shannon received her master’s degree in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of California, Santa Cruz. An adventurer at heart, Shannon can be found in nature, gardening, backpacking, running, and dancing.

Veronika Gold is a marriage and family therapist who specializes in the treatment of trauma. She is a Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Certified EMDR therapist, Consultant, and Facilitator, and Realization Process Teacher. She has undergone multiple trainings in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, including advanced training through the Ketamine Training Center and Kriya Institute, and MDMA-Assisted Therapy Training through MAPS, and is currently a Sub-Investigator and Co-therapist, a supervisor and a trainer on the MAPS MDMA-Assisted Therapy Clinical Trials for the treatment-resistant PTSD. She regularly presents at conferences and teaches on trauma and psychedelic-assisted therapies.  Veronika is a co-founder, therapist and a lead trainer at Polaris Insight Center, clinic in San Francisco providing ketamine-assisted therapy, consultation and training. She has previously severed as a trainer for Ketamine Training Center. Veronika is a lead trainer in the Polaris Insight Training Program. 

Dr. Genesee Herzberg is a clinical psychologist practicing psychotherapy and ketamine assisted therapy in Berkeley, CA, along with MDMA-assisted therapy through the MAPS Phase 3 clinical trials. She is co-founder of Sage Integrative Health, a holistic psychedelic clinic, and Executive Director of its sister nonprofit, Sage Institute, a sliding scale psychedelic clinic, research, and training center. Genesee co-developed the program and curriculum and is core faculty for Sage’s ketamine assisted therapy training. Genesee is in the process of co-creating Forth Road Health, with a mission to support the ethical build out of the psychedelic delivery system nationwide. She is passionate about making psychedelic medicine accessible to everyone who can benefit. When not wearing one of her many hats in the psychedelic field, Genesee can be found on meandering walks in the Berkeley hills, exploring the far reaches of consciousness, or delving into her newfound love for Octavia Butler’s sci-fi novels. 

This talk will be recorded and immediately available for rewatch for all attendees.

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