Dutch Freedom of Religion on Pause for Santo Daime

    Judgment of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal in the criminal case public prosecutor/ members of the Santo Daime church Amsterdam.   Dear friends, It is with great...

Psychedelic Support Network Seeking Volunteer Candidate

      Psychedelic Support brings together a Network of therapists, counselors, holistic doctors, MDs, and integration consultants to offer services (online and in-person) for psychedelic/plant medicine...

Ayahuasca Religious Protections during Trump Administration

  Politics and Religious Freedom Restoration Act Make Strange Bedfellows: The Sessions Memo by Charles Carreon is a thought provoking and somewhat edgy essay about...

Religious Use of Ayahuasca in the Netherlands Under Threat

  On January 31, 2018, a very important and delicate court case took place in Amsterdam. It was the appeal court case about the confiscation...


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