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Celebrating 25 Weeks of ‘Women in the History of Psychedelic Plant Medicines’

Look back on the first 25 weeks of our "Women in the History of Psychedelic Plant Medicines" series and learn how to become a contributor to the series.
Marlene Dobkin de Rios

Marlene Dobkin de Rios: A Case for Complex Histories of Women in Psychedelics

Ayahuasca’s place in mestizo and Indigenous Peruvian healing practices featured extensively in Marlene Dobkin de Rios’ work as a medical anthropologist and transcultural psychotherapist.
A woman with long dark hair and yellow shirt, background is an image of ecstasy pills

‘Sorted’ for Es? Women and Ecstasy in 1990s Britain

Growing up in Britain in the mid ‘90s, the name, and image, of Leah Betts featured prominently in my drugs education. Black billboards across...
Psychedelic art representing female orgasm while on lsd

Acid and Orgasms: Why LSD Failed to Sexually Liberate Women

Was LSD ever a “sex drug” for women? In the 1960s, the answer appeared to be yes, but the drug could not overcome the sexual anxieties of the period.
Set and Setting Artwork. A femme figure sits on a couch. By Karina Alvarez

Women’s Historical Influence on “Set and Setting”

It is striking that the work of Joyce Martin, Margot Cutner, and Betty Eisner is so little known in the history of 'set and setting.' Their work is essential to understanding the major changes brought to LSD-assisted therapy during the mid-twentieth century.
women in the history psychedelic plant medicines

Women in the History of Psychedelic Plant Medicines

Chacruna is proud to host this series of reflections on women in the history of psychedelic plant medicines. Our inspiration for these posts came...

Women in the History of Psychedelic Plant Medicines

Women in the History of Psychedelic Plant Medicines w/ Erika Dyck Wednesday, July 22nd, from 12pm-1:30pm PSTPresented Live Online via Crowdcast *REGISTER FOR TICKETS HERE* Scholarships Available: APPLY...

Chacruna’s Women in the History of Psychedelic Plant Medicines Call for Articles

The history of psychedelics has often emphasized the contributions made by leading researchers, breakthrough therapists, and champions of a psychedelic ethos. It just so...

Psychedelic Privilege: Report from the Women and Psychedelics Forum

Two months ago, I was invited to attend a powerful convergence of people gathering to listen to prominent women leaders talk about psychedelics: the Women and Psychedelics Forum, hosted by...

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Peyote Conservation and Indigenous Rights