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The Scientific Study of Ayahuasca Ethno-Varieties with Regina Célia de Oliveira

Jasmine Virdi interviews Regina Célia de Oliveira, a Brazilian biologist and professor at Brasília University, specializing in the study of Banisteriopsis caapi and other plants that make up the ayahuasca brew. In this article, Regina shares about the different varieties of the B. caapi vine, the deeply sophisticated knowledge of traditional peoples about these vines, and the importance of protecting these plant species amidst ongoing ecological destruction in the Amazon Rainfor-est.

Fighting for the Legal Use of Ayahuasca as a Religious Sacrament with Martha Hartney

Jasmine Virdi interviews Martha Hartney, an attorney fighting for the legal use of aya-huasca as a religious sacrament within the United States. In this article, Martha Hart-ney shares about the legal status of ayahuasca, how this intersects with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), and how we can collectively work towards securing the right to drink ayahuasca in bona fide religious settings.

Preservation of Ayahuasca Religious Freedom in America

Featuring Joe Tafur, Belinda Eriacho, Martha Hartney, Sean McAllister, Rodney Garcia and Bia Labate Wednesday, March 3rd from 12-2pm PST REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT HERE Join Chacruna...

Ayahuasca, Severe Illnesses, and the Mystery of Death

When someone is diagnosed with a severe, life-threatening illness, the affected individual may begin to ask several existential questions. The author, Lucas Maia, PhD, summarizes his findings from his doctoral thesis which studied the ritual use of ayahuasca and its therapeutic potential for those facing and fearing death.

Preserving Entangled Ayahuasca

This text was originally a conference paper in Spanish as well as an attempt to bridge what matters to medicine women and men, ethnographical experience and feminist theory.

Ayahuasca, Healing and Cognitive Justice

In the first part of this series on the Epistemics of Ayahuasca, Medical Anthropologist Adam Aronovich presents insights based on his long term qualitative research in the rainforest, framing them within ways of being and knowing prevalent amongst amazonian amerindian groups and the ongoing eradication of non-hegemonic epistemologies by the dominant culture.

Coronavirus and Evolving Ceremonial Practice Among Ayahuasca Practitioners in the US

Jasmine Virdi explores how ayahuasca facilitators have adapted and changed their practices and ceremonial protocols to meet the challenges that have emerged as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic.

How Did Ayahuasca, Indigenous Diversity and Conservation Become Commodities in the Amazon?

In this article, anthropologist Alhena Caicedo analyzes how the moral imperative of celebrating cultural diversity and conserving nature in the Amazon have also become a tool for renewing certain stereotypes about indigenous peoples and updating colonial power relations and economic and political interventions. She argues that understanding what is said and done in the name of ayahuasca, indigenous people and Amazon conservation helps us recognize and render visible the political and economic implications of the current global phenomenon of ayahuasca expansion.

Ayahuasca, Richard Schultes and Biodiversity Conservation

Ayahuasca, Richard Schultes and Biodiversity Conservation Featuring Mark J. Plotkin, Ph.D  Wednesday, December 2nd from 12pm-1:30pm PST REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT HERE When Richard Schultes entered the northwest...

Coronavirus, Ayahuasca, and Indigenous Resilience

Jasmine Virdi explores how coronavirus has impacted the ayahuasca drinking indigenous groups of the Amazon basin, taking a look at the broader implications of coronavirus for Amazonian peoples such as the loss of elders, the threat of genocide, the return to traditional plant medicine, and the vital importance of reciprocity.

Psychedelic Businesses

Diversity and Inclusion

Indigenous Perspectives on the Global Pandemic

Peyote Conservation and Indigenous Rights