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What is is a hub for producing and disseminating high-quality multimedia content about plant medicines and psychedelics, facilitating access to these resources online. The website’s central objective is to offer content created and curated by leading experts on the field, edited to a wider audience. The field of psychedelics is filled with misinformation, anecdotal narratives, and poorly trained professionals and enthusiasts with no field experience leading discussions with large audiences of novices to the subject. Our strategy utilizes Bia Labate’s extensive network of contacts, extending from Latin America to Europe and the US, including researchers from many universities, as well as pop culture references and indigenous voices. We aim to promote indigenous cultures connected to the use of sacred plants by sharing websites, blogs, and other resources. Brazil has a particularly active indigenous film and photographic production community. There is much to publicize on this front, and it is important to call attention to the critical fact that plant medicine knowledge owes a huge debt to these native cultures. Psychedelics are extremely powerful substances, and we believe they must be approached with care and intelligence. Chacruna is directed by Ph.D. researchers with hundreds of academic papers and well over 20 books published from such houses as Routledge and Oxford University Press.

Who is working with us?

Our staff is multidisciplinary and diverse. Our active team includes 11 professionals from diverse areas; we also have 17 consultants, therefore, currently, we number 28 in total. Our director is Bia Labate, Ph.D., a Brazilian woman, anthropologist, and leading expert on ayahuasca. Our associate editor is Dr. Clancy Cavnar, an American clinical psychologist and member of the Santo Daime in the US. Our Digital Director is Polish-American Michael Jozef.

The Social Media Team is a truly international affair: Hilary Agro (Canada), Melissa Stangl (USA), Dr. Miroslav Horák (Czech Rep.), Amanda Noconi (US), Dr. Helle Kaasik (Estonia), Vinicius Fernandes (Brazil), Nidia Olvera (Mexico). Our Website Assistant is Horacio Guevara, from Mexico as well. Consultants in the Science Section: Alli Feduccia, Sidarta Ribeiro, Draulio de Araujo, Brian Anderson, Luís Fernado Tófoli. Consultants in the Policy Section: J. Hamilton Hudson, Noah Potter, Ismail Ali, Jag Davies, Robert Heffernan, Kevin Feeney, David Rance, Ben Meeus. Consultants in the Integration Section: Ingmar Gorman, Sharon Rafferty and Geoff Bathje. Consultants in the Culture Section: Diana Negrín


You have a passion for using your amazing skills to sustain and develop projects that are influential, educational and underrepresented. You are the type of person that believes in giving and offering your precious time because it makes you feel happy and inspired.


We value your precious time and promise to respect you by managing our projects collectively. We are an incredibly diverse group of academics, scholars, researchers, and activists from all around the world. Our conversations and projects go beyond social media popularity; we want to add value to a public discourse we feel mainstream media doesn’t satisfy.

Creatives wanted

Currently, we are looking to establish a team of 2-3 volunteers for our creative team which will be responsible for developing visual content for We feel a solid and concise team will be able to handle time management and output demand to create more dynamic and engaging content for our platform.

Shared Responsibilities

Fonts, Formatting, and Layouts – Steve Jobs disciples.

Art, Illustration, and Graphics – Art Directors wanted!

Web Application – Nerdy creatives to help balance the artsy folks.


Chacruna is looking for people who can commit a min of 3 to 6 hours/week.


Whether you are at your most experienced, or building your experience you want to be a part of a group who is actively promoting quality content for the responsible use and integration of psychedelics and plant medicines. You want to connect with people who are doing deep dives into relevant subjects like ayahuasca ceremonial practices, cultural understanding around these traditions, decriminalization and regulation, micro-dosing, integration, spirituality, the scientific findings on therapeutic potentials of psychedelics, and environmental sustainability for global demand.

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