Gabor Mate Ayahuasca medicine

The Medicinal and Spiritual Powers of an Amazonian Brew

As a Western-trained doctor, I have long been aware of modern medicine’s limitations in handling chronic conditions of mind and body. For all our...
Ayahuasca Visions

Top 8 Ayahuasca Animations on The Internet

When a Cambridge University researcher took a famous ayahuasca shaman to his first cinema experience, the Yaminahua shaman José Choro concluded that the cinema "was not as good as...
Ayahuasca Experience

Meet 3 Westerners Who Have Drunk Ayahuasca 200+ Times

During 2012 to 2014, I had the great fortune of attending ayahuasca ceremonies and spending much time with ayahuasca drinkers in Australia for my PhD...
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